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California Half Marathons 2015 Camarillo Marathon. Half Marathon & 5k

California half marathons – The 2015 Camarillo Marathon. Half Marathon & 5k has been set for Sunday January 4th, 2015 http://www.halfmarathonsearch.com/#!half-marathons-california/cin9



Fifty States Half Marathon Club Heads to Omaha Nebraska for 2014 Annual Meet Up Event

Every year, Fifty States Half Marathon Club holds an annual meet up at a new destination.  Half Marathon runners fly in from all over the USA, and some from Canada.  In 2013, the annual meet up was held at Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon in Florida, an exceptionally well run event put on by a stellar race staff.  The 2014 Fifty States Half Marathon Club annual meet up will be held at HITS Omaha Marathon and Half Marathon in Omaha, Nebraska.  The 2013 event was so much fun, that the members are really looking forward to the 2014 Omaha event!  The annual get together is looking like another great turnout for club member attendance.

Fifty States Half Marathon Club is a national club and has multiple challenges, founded by Nicole Blomgren who runs both the club and the national Halfmarathonsearch.com Half Marathon Calendar. Challenges include the popular 50 States Half Marathon Challenge (to finish a half marathon in all 50 states), the 100 HALF Anywhere Challenge (to finish 100 half marathons or half ironmans, or combo of either), and the 50 States Endurance Challenge (to finish a half marathon, full marathon, half ironman, full ironman, or combo of any of those 4 distances in all 50 states, for those that like to mix it up).  The club also has the 7 Continents Endurance Challenge, and the 500 Endurance Challenge for members who want to remain a club member amongst the many wonderful members, and enjoy the approximate 300 event discounts across the nation.  The club even offers a lifetime membership option for existing members, and welcomes members to remain a member long after finishing a challenge or challenges.

The annual meet up in Omaha will start out with a Friday evening cocktail hour meet up at a “to be determined” destination Sept 19, 2014, close to the hotels and race location. Saturday the Pre Race dinner, hosted by the HITS Omaha Marathon & Half Marathon staff, will be a club member gathering where 50 State Challenge and 100 HALF challenge finishers will receive their personally engraved gold cup trophy awards.  Sunday September 21st, 2014 will be the race day meet up, post race at tent, and following with a Sunday evening finale meet up at a “to be determined” location.  Excitement is heating up as the event weekend gets closer, and looks to be another fun gathering for Fifty States Half Marathon Club members!  For more information about club membership, feel free to visit www.halfmarathonclub.com

Half Marathon Calendar – Halfmarathonsearch.com New Blog

Welcome to Half Marathon Calendar Halfmarathonsearch.com’s new blog.  We’ll be posting featured half marathons, half marathon news and announcements, inaugural half marathons and more!

Halfmarathonsearch.com is a simplistic listing of half marathons on the web, of 1/2 marathons across the USA.  Currently the half marathon race calendar features 2014 half marathons and 2015 half marathons.


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