Free Entry to Boulder Rez Marathon for All Registrants from the Cancelled 2013 & 2014 old Boulder Marathon

There are TWO new events in Boulder this year!  The Boulder Rez Half Marathon June 7th, 2015, and the Boulder Rez Marathon October 4th, 2015.  BCBS, the newest race leadership to enter the Boulder market has launched a new series of races spread across Colorado and Nevada.  With plans to bring back integrity to Boulder, BSBS is presenting a similar race course to the past disreputable old Boulder Marathon.  If you were a registrant of the 2013 cancelled Boulder Marathon, or the 2014 cancelled Boulder Marathon, BCBS plans to give FREE entries to you to participate in the BCBS Boulder Rez Marathon! Read more about your free entry here:  Free Boulder Rez Marathon Entry Information

If you didn’t happen to be one of the unfortunate registrants of the old Boulder Marathon and are excited to run the new BCBS Boulder Rez Half Marathon, or BCBS Boulder Rez Marathon, you could also have the opportunity to have access to a great $25.00 discount by joining the fabulous growing Fifty States Half Marathon Club!

Boulder Rez Half Marathon  Boulder Rez Marathon

A Brand New August Half Marathon in Colorado

Incredibly scenic INAUGURAL half marathon set to kick off this AUGUST in Durango Colorado! The Thirsty 13 Half Marathon. WATCH VIDEO of Brew Fest highlights and course!


Register at:
And the website will also be launched soon.

Or click here for a listing of ALL Colorado Half Marathons

California Half Marathons, Colorado Half Marathons, Texas Half Marathons, New York Half Marathons and more – NEW Tablet and Mobile Friendly View

These are some of the Half marathon search pages we are complete with transitioning to a more tablet friendly, mobile friendly view for runners to find a half marathons across the USA.  Here are some the Half Marathon Calendar pages we have complete thus far, and more rolling in very soon!

California half marathons

Colorado half marathons

Illinois half marathons

New York half marathons

Ohio half marathons

Texas half marathons

Maine half marathons

Washington DC Half Marathons

Thanks! Feel free to contact with any feedback about the mobile view!

Happy Running!