Free Entry to Boulder Rez Marathon for All Registrants from the Cancelled 2013 & 2014 old Boulder Marathon

There are TWO new events in Boulder this year!  The Boulder Rez Half Marathon June 7th, 2015, and the Boulder Rez Marathon October 4th, 2015.  BCBS, the newest race leadership to enter the Boulder market has launched a new series of races spread across Colorado and Nevada.  With plans to bring back integrity to Boulder, BSBS is presenting a similar race course to the past disreputable old Boulder Marathon.  If you were a registrant of the 2013 cancelled Boulder Marathon, or the 2014 cancelled Boulder Marathon, BCBS plans to give FREE entries to you to participate in the BCBS Boulder Rez Marathon! Read more about your free entry here:  Free Boulder Rez Marathon Entry Information

If you didn’t happen to be one of the unfortunate registrants of the old Boulder Marathon and are excited to run the new BCBS Boulder Rez Half Marathon, or BCBS Boulder Rez Marathon, you could also have the opportunity to have access to a great $25.00 discount by joining the fabulous growing Fifty States Half Marathon Club!

Boulder Rez Half Marathon  Boulder Rez Marathon

Discount to Alamo 13.1 Half Marathon

4th Annual ALAMO 13.1 HALF is just around the corner on Sunday, March 22nd. Enjoy THE BEST Finisher Medals around, sweet race swag, scenic flat course & delicious post race treats. You’ll certainly REMEMBER THE ALAMO 13.1. Enjoy $10 off Discount Code: HALFMARATHONCLUB

Alamo 13.1 half marathon

Alamo photo Alamo half marathon San Antonio

Updated 2015 Half Marathon Calendar Dates

Discount to Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon in Huntington Beach California

Who’s in for Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon 2015?! Here is a special $5.00 off discount for all our Fans! This is good for EITHER marathon OR half marathon, AND if you register with this code you AUTOMATICALLY get your name thrown into a DRAWING for a Surf City FINISHER JACKET!!! Use Code HMCLUB5


Surf City Half Marathon Discount

INAUGURAL Half Marathon in Massachusetts to Kick off this November

INAUGURAL HALF MARATHON, The Stache Halfe, is set to kick off this November 2014 in Ipswich, Massachusetts!

Celebrate “Movember” with a half marathon that is 13.1 miles of mustache fun! Sport your own facial hair with pride or stick on the mustache we’ll give you in your race bag. Join our goofy Best Stache Contest that’s open to guys, gals and kids! In “Movember”, anyone and everyone can rock the stache!

On the course you’ll race past some of the oldest and most historical homes (pre-revolution) in the entire country. You’ll also enjoy some beautiful scenic views in this charming coastal community. The Stache Halfe Race Series is a totally unique race concept. Celebrate the stache with two challenging races that will push you to test your own limits. Run both races back-to-back!

Visit the Massachusetts half marathons calendar, under November, for a direct link.


The Stache Halfe Half Marathon

INAUGURAL Half Marathon to Kick off this August in Fresno County

INAUGURAL half marathon to kick off this August in Shaver Lake, California.  The Fresno County Search and Rescue Team wants to give you a challenge, so they are putting on the 1st SAR Wild Run Trail Half Marathon. This “Half” will have you running the previous year’s bike trail along the southeast side of Shaver Lake while adding more miles in the forest with great views of the lake. But save your energy as you will finish scrambling up the 5K Wild Run. They say with the longer course the chances are better of seeing BIG FOOT!  The half marathon race is set to take place on August 10th, 2014 in Shaver Lake, CA and can be found listed under August on the California Half Marathons Calendar.


SAR Wild Run Trail Half Marathon


Illinois Half Marathons 2015 F^3 Lake Half Marathon

Illinois Half Marathons – The 2015 F^3 Lake Half Marathon is SET for Saturday January 24th, 2015!half-marathons-illinois/cst9 in Chicago, IL!

Photo: Illinois Half Marathons - The 2015 F^3 Lake Half Marathon is SET for Saturday January 24th, 2015!half-marathons-illinois/cst9 in Chicago, IL! --


Texas Half Marathons 2015 Chevron Houston Marathon & Aramco Half Marathon

Texas Half Marathons – The 2015 Chevron Houston Marathon & Aramco Half Marathon is SET for Sunday January 18th!half-marathons-texas/c1thp in Houston, Texas!


Georgia Half Marathons 2015 Albany Marathon & Half Marathon

GEORGIA Half Marathons – The 2015 Albany Marathon & Half Marathon, is set for Saturday March 7th, 2015!half-marathons-georgia/c24ul in Albany, GA!